María Magdalena Ramírez y Norma Estela Orozco

UAA, 2016


Thema: TDCT2

ISBN: 978-607-8523-05-4 | Pasta dura

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In the book Confectionery. From Artisanal to Technology, the latest technology employed not only in Mexico but in the rest of America is discussed, taking into account the basic chemistry principles of ingredients used in confectionary and their effect in the manufacture of diverse type of products.
This book consists in two parts. In the first one, the characteristics, properties and, functions of the technology of ingredients are discussed, where ingredients are outlined: sucrose, corn syrup, hydrocolloids, acidulants, colorants and flavors. Also properties and characteristics of other materials that are employed for the manufacture of specific products are explained, such as: milk, fat, and vegetable products. Additives regarding foaming, antioxidants and, emulsifiers are also addressed.
In the second part of the book, the most common processes during the formulation of confectionary products in Mexico are explained, highlighting the manufacture of: hard and soft caramels, chewy sweets and, marshmallows; explaining not only the most ancient technologies but also the most advanced and high tech ones. It also includes, a chapter dedicated to the production of hype confit products. Finally there is a chapter were the technology of the manufacture of “non sugar products” is presented.
This book would not be completed if two chapters dedicated specially to Mexican products were not present, taking into consideration chili and sweet candies.
The reader will be discovering the importance of the theoretical knowledge needed for the elaboration of candies with excellent quality, as he/she gets deeper into each page of this third edition (the first in English with updated photographs). Moreover, the reader will discover the importance that practice has had over the years regarding this topic. That is why, a proposal for each formulations of the diverse type of products are presented in the second part of the book, summing up to more than 60 options that will surely contribute to better your experience.
The combination of years of teaching and industrial experience are amalgamated by the authors, making this book an excellent option not only for those who will explore for the first time in this delicious world, but also for those who want to master and innovate from their own experience.

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