The Rules of the Game

A New Era of Entrepreneurship and Association

Neftalí Parga Montoya. Adrián Noel Hinojos Llamas. Traducción

UAA, 2020


Thema: KJH

ISBN: 978-607-8714-56-8

16.5x21.5 cm | 0.36 kg | 211 págs.

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This book elaborates a discussion on social behavior that arises from the “rules of the game” of an economic environment. Based on institutional theory, it questions the existing impact of the regulatory, normative, and cognitive burdens of the Aguascalientes society on the collaboration networks and entrepreneurial capacities established by micro and small companies in the state of Aguascalientes. Through a quantitative, non-experimental, explanatory, and cross-sectional study, the author discusses the theoretical and empirical implications that institutional burdens have on the business fabric. Highlighting the importance of social norms for the development of business cooperation and its strategic orientation.

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